effective October 1, 2005

Adherence to these policies and rules must be followed year round. 

Most of these policies follow safety and insurance standard practices.  

Customers found in violation of  any of these policies may be removed from the yard

and will sacrifice any deposits toward work, storage or dock space.


1.  Customers are not allowed to work on boats stored inside the storage sheds. No exceptions.

2.  No unauthorized outside labor is permitted in this yard.  Special services or contractors can be arranged through the yard office.

      Outside contractors who can perform tasks outside of the scope of the yard’s expertise are welcome but must be cleared by the yard,

      submit proof of liability insurance, prove that employees working on yard property are covered by corporate compensation and

      disability policies, supply their own tools, ladders, electrical cords and scaffolds, etc., and must compensate Frank  M. Weeks Yacht

      Yard, Inc. with 15% of their invoice total if they do not invoice customers through the yard office. Use of uninsured, unregistered or

      illegal laborers is strictly forbidden. 

3.  Only customers and their immediate families may perform work on their boats.  Materials should be purchased through

      the yard store.  Customers and their families shall work on their boats at their own risk.

4.  Any customer who paints any part of  their own bottom may be subject to civil penalties under New York State Environmental

     Law Part 325 and shall automatically be charged the standard rate and may be removed from the yard at the discretion of the owners. 

5.  Winter dockage (bubble system) customers who are not summer dockage customers must vacate their winter slips

      no later than May 1st. 

6.  No tools will be loaned out.  Customers must supply their own scaffolds and ladders.

7.  No torches of any kind are to be used in the yard.  Bilge heaters are strictly forbidden.

8.  Owners may not move boat stands without yard permission.  Covers may not be tied to stands.

9.  No masts can be stored on the ground or on cradles.  If masts are stored on deck, the length of the mast will be charged as

     the storage length if it is longer than the boat. 

10.  We are not responsible for the condition of batteries brought in for storage.  Batteries left on board must be disconnected.

       No charging of batteries in stored boats is allowed due to fire hazard.

11.  Extension cords must be unplugged while customers are not on the premises.

12.  We are not responsible for dinghies that are stored outside.  They must be stored inside or taken home. 

13.  Vehicles parked in such a manner as to interfere with the use of the travel lift or other daily yard activities may be towed

        at the owner’s expense.

14.       Dock walkways must be kept clear year round per insurance company requirements.  No chairs, benches or dock boxes are

        allowed on the docks.  All carpets and mats must be removed from docks for the winter season.

15.  We are not responsible for personal items left on boats.

16.  Outboard motors under 50 hp must be removed from all boats immediately following placement for upland storage.

17.       The yard water system will not be turned on until April 15.

18.       Customers are responsible for the clearing of leaves, debris, etc. from scuppers, cockpit and deck drains to prevent cabin and bilge overflows and ice and water damage caused thereby.  Unless hired to do so we do not pull bilge drains.

19.  All yard accounts must be up to date prior to launching, transport or departure of vessel. 



1.  There may be a service charge for boats that  need to be moved to or from the lift slip by hand.  Please arrange

      for winterizing  your boat close to the lift slip.  Please leave a set of keys or your combination with the yard office.

2.  Checking for leaks, making repairs, wooden boat leak monitoring, extra lifting arrangements, installation of pumps, etc.

      shall incur labor charges.  Come spring all batteries, pumps, etc. must be in working order.  Dock lines must be left on board.        

3.  Storage customers may stay in storage until June 30 without incurring summer storage charges.  No refunds on storage  deposits.  No refunds on partial winter storage.  Customers with accounts in arrears shall sacrifice their dock space privileges.

4.  Storage will be billed in four equal installments from November through February.  Please make arrangements to

     have your boat at the yard no later than November 15 to prevent freezing. 

5.  Pulpits, bowsprits, I/Os, bumkins, platforms, etc. will be included in the overall storage length.

6.  Customers must remove trash from their work areas.  Large trash quantities left at the yard or the  disposal of  appliances or furniture will result in a surcharge. 

7.  Boats using heavy cradles may be charged for handling.

8.  Complex furling units or rigging may result in surcharges.

9.  Statements are due when rendered.  Late charges on past due accounts:  If an account remains unpaid for thirty  days from the statement billing , we will add a finance charge at the rate of 1 1/2% per month (annual percentage of 18%) on the first $500.00 and a rate of 1%  per month (annual percentage rate of 12%) on the balance.  A minimum

    finance charge of .50 per month will be charged.

10.         Excessive use of in water electric shall result in an electrical surcharge fee. i.e. continual air conditioner usage.

11.      Customers making use of non-approved outside contractors shall be fined a minimum of $250.00 per day / incident.

12.      There may be a surcharge to customers whose boats are not ready come launch time and need to be moved.  A $6.00 per ft. surcharge may be applied to the customer’s account for moving the boat.

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